The seat of the Commune is Jedlińsk, historical settlement situated on the European route E77, 90 km south of Warsaw and 10 km north of Radom, on the rivers Radomka and Tymianka. Between the 16th and 19th centuries, for more than 250 years, the settlement had town status. The Commune has an interesting history as well as rich culture and tradition. One of the Commune's main cultural heritage sites is the 18th century baroque church with Tadeusz Kuntz's polychromes and paintings.

To this day the traditional custom of "Decapitation of Death" is cultivated. It takes place on las Tuesday of Carnival, that is Shrove Tuesday.

Nowadays, the population of Jedlińsk village is over 1 700.

The Commune covers a total area of 138.72 km2 and has a population of 14 000. Commune consists of 31 administrative units (sołectwo).

In the Commune there is a town hall, a post office, two cooperative banks, three medical facilities, six churches, seven primary schools, three middle schools, two nursery schools, a cultural center, library, the Department of Communal Management, a pharmacy, a police station, a hotel, six filling stations, center of sports and recreation (with cabins for 50 people and a campsite), three manors (in Jedlanka, Wsola and Piastów) and the Witold Gombrowicz Museum.

In the Commune there is seven volunteer fire department stations. In Piastów there is an airfield of Radom Flying Club that covers the area of over 200 hectares. In Piastów there is also a shooting range of Polish Hunting Association.

Statistic data

Total area: 138.72 km2

  • agricultural land: 107.88 km2 (77%)
    • arable land: 77.24 km2 (72%)
    • meadows: 16.84 km2 (16%)
    • pastures: 10.00. km2 (9%)
    • orchards: 3.80 km2 (3%)
  • forests: 16.32 km2 (12%)
  • water: 3.53 km2 (2.5%)

Population (as of end of 2013): 14 055

  • age group 0–16: 4 487 (31.9%)
  • age gropu 17–65: 7 880 (56.1%)
  • age group over 65: 1 688 (12.0%)

Farms: 2 660
Arable land lots under 1 hectare: 2 300
Average farm size: 6 hectares
Soil quality - site index - 0,65 (poor)

Emonomic entities:

  • sole proprietorships: 656
  • companies and other corporations: 49
  • -